Gratitude Candle - 9oz Glass

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Gratitude is about giving someone their flowers. The floral magnolia scent of this limited-edition candle is a symbol of appreciation. Chicago Community Builder, Jenny LeFlore along with our entire team poured our love and energy into this candle for everyone who has mothered to feel valued and loved. Pouring into moms is at the heart of our mission, thank you for joining us.
-Jenny x Bright Endeavors
Scent notes: the fragrance prominently features magnolia with smoky undertones and top notes of honey and white pepper because motherhood is both spicy and sweet. 

Your purchase creates training and employment for at-risk moms in Chicago and helps illuminate the path toward a brighter future.

• Made in United States
Gratitude Candle - 9oz Glass
Gratitude Candle - 9oz Glass