Ceramic Drop Earrings

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Created using ceramic and sterling silver fittings. This casual yet captivating design will carry you effortlessly from your daytime to evening look!


Sojourn began as a rescue mission called Global Child Advocates along the Thailand-Myanmar border, taking in trafficked, abused, and abandoned children and providing them with long term shelter and care. Sojourn was started in 2017 as a way to fill a need– providing training and employment to young women and mothers who live along the border in an area where human trafficking has a large stronghold.

San Aye is the first mother in the Sojourn Studio vocational program. Her story is one of hope-filled forward motion because of her relentless determination to provide for her family and their future.

“When I’m making something new, I am always so afraid to break the tiny pieces of porcelain. But when I see the finished product...it’s a wonderful feeling to have created something so beautiful.”

In addition to her income from creating jewelry, San Aye receives funds for savings and education. Through the education fund, she is now enrolled in literacy classes and is learning to read and write in her native language.

Ceramic Drop Earrings - Mango + Main
Ceramic Drop Earrings - Mango + Main
Ceramic Drop Earrings - Mango + Main