Dwell Loose Leaf Tea

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Dwell Tea Co. is a modern, eco-friendly tea and lifestyle brand based in the Washington, DC area, created to merge our passions for tea, community, and holistic living. We provide high-quality loose leaf tea blends and tea accessories.

Tall Tin - 25 - 30 Servings

Medium Tin - 15 Servings

Steep for 3-5 minutes

*Not for use while pregnant. If nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional before use. These products are not approved by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Wait A Mint

This blend packs a powerful punch of fantastic health benefits. It’s high in vitamin C, may have cancer-fighting antioxidants, aids in digestion and even helps to freshen breath! It can be enjoyed cold in the summer and hot in the cooler months.

Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus, organic green tea & organic mint


This immunity-boosting, antioxidant blend is great for the entire family, all year round!

Ingredients: Organic Elderberries, organic rosehips, organic hibiscus, and organic cinnamon.

Get Chai Life

This classic chai will have you getting your life, Hunny! It has the perfect blend of delicious spices that may also boost your immune system. 

Ingredients: Organic ginger root, organic cinnamon bark, organic & fair trade Darjeeling tea, organic cardamom, organic & fair trade cloves, and organic & fair trade nutmeg.

Lemon Drop

Lemon drop has the tried and true flavor of a fresh lemon delivering the perfect blend of citrus and tang. Swap out the leading iced tea brands that are full of toxic ingredients for this organic blend of powerful ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic lemon verbena, organic and fair trade green rooibos tea, organic lemon balm, organic lemon peel, organic lemongrass, and organic flavor of lemon.

Life's a Peach 

Live the peachy life with this robust and rich flavor of organic black tea combined with fresh ginger and the essence of sun-ripened peaches to create a full-bodied black tea brew. Best enjoyed hot with a dash of your favorite sweetener.

Ingredients: Black tea, ginger, natural flavor

Summer Rain

This tea is reminiscent of a London Fog but we've added a twist of vanilla, cinnamon, and elderflowers. It's the perfect tea to sip as you sit cozy, watching the rain. 

Ingredients: Organic and fair trade Assam tea, Organic Elderflowers, and Organic Vanilla flavoring, Lavender, Cassia (cinnamon). *Caffeinated* 


Me Time

Ease into the evening with this quiet combination of lavender and chamomile. The aroma is soothing as you breathe, helping you wind down after a long day. This organic herbal tea is perfect to enjoy before bedtime, or when you need a little time to yourself to unwind.

Ingredients: Organic chamomile & organic lavender




Dwell Loose Leaf Tea
Dwell Loose Leaf Tea
Dwell Loose Leaf Tea
Dwell Loose Leaf Tea
Dwell Loose Leaf Tea
Dwell Loose Leaf Tea
Dwell Loose Leaf Tea
Dwell Loose Leaf Tea
Dwell Loose Leaf Tea