Elefante Coffee | Black Edition

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    Elefante Black Edition is a unicorn. The Arabica “Elefante” Maragogype is elusive as it is. It is the largest Arabica coffee variety in the world & few farmers want to grow it. Our Elefante Black Edition is black honey-processed (sun-dried in its fruit prior to roast) and dark roasted. The largest coffee 'beans' in the world are taken to their maximum size.

    We, too, only get to enjoy a bit of this coffee every year. In Ana’s words, from smelling it the first time this season, “Andrea! Ese Elefante huele riiico….como cacao, crema….wow.” This translates to “Andrea, this Elefante smells sooo good---like cacao and creme. Wow.” Ana knows her aromas.

    The combination of the signature Elefante Maragogype creaminess with a touch of sweetness from the fruit-curing is unusually smooth. In this bean, the dark roast comes in only at the end with balance, tying it all together. We are not sure why it works so well, perhaps the size of the bean.

    Elefante Black Edition is only available in limited quantities. We are fortunate to have wonderful farm families in our life who work with us year after year in small lots. It takes a lot of work to manage the 'honey' curing style in addition to already growing the tall & lanky Maragogype coffee plant.

    We sincerely hope that you enjoy it. Get it while you can!

    Whole bean or Ground

    10.6 oz bag

    • 100% Made At The Source, Origin Roasted

    • USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade Federation Member

      Elefante Coffee | Black Edition
      Elefante Coffee | Black Edition