Honey Bear | Black Edition

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Our Honey Bear Reserve in a bold, dark roast.

In the Black Edition, we have made a special selection of this coffee and roasted it dark. This is a special limited edition for those who love dark roasted coffee.

Honey Bear is a selection of the finest Nicaraguan Arabica coffees from farms surrounding Jinotega. We sun-dry this in its own fruit to impart a touch of the natural sweetness of the fruit to the coffee. Combined with the chocolate notes and richness of the coffee, it has been described as a symphony of tastes and aromas.

Hand stamped black bags give a rustic appearance to this hand-crafted coffee.

We love to have fun with our coffees. The Black Editions are a bold expression of this. They let us play with roast, design, color, & craft in the specialty coffees that we love. Each is special, 100% hand-stamped & crafted where the coffee grows here in Nicaragua.