Omo Beach Towel

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This versatile piece is perfect as a bath towel or beach towel. In addition to being the most wonderful towel you ever used in your home or on the beach, these amazing pieces are versatile and make beautiful throws, sarongs, shawls, table scarves, cabana covers, picnic blankets, tablecloths, and will become your, “Don’t-travel-without-it-item.” These towels wash beautifully and are absorbent. 

This collection is completely handmade of hand-spun and hand-dyed 100% Ethiopian cotton using ancient weaving techniques with a contemporary twist. Each piece passes through the hands of over 20 artisans to create these high-quality pieces for you. All towels machine wash in cold and dry on low. Beautiful!

Size: 39" x 71"

Omo Beach Towel - Mango + Main
Omo Beach Towel - Mango + Main