Personal Shopping Appointment

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We are now offering private shopping appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in response to COVID-19. The shop will only be open on these days from 11a-3p to customers who have booked appointments.  We will remain open to the public on our regular hours Thursday-Sunday.

We want to offer these hours for customers who:
- feel more comfortable shopping by themselves (or family/friends they bring with them)
- want to avoid waiting in line outside if there are other shoppers present during normal store hours 
- want to take their time and know they have a full 30 minutes to shop at their leisure
- would like a personal styling session with our staff or specific help shopping for home goods and gifts

Book your appointment above and our team will reach out to confirm and answer any questions! 

*if you'd like to book an appointment on a different day outside of normal business hours, please email*

Personal Shopping Appointment
Personal Shopping Appointment
Personal Shopping Appointment