Unu Square Pillow Cover - Black/White

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Brighten your home with our new, contemporary pillow covers*! Beautifully handwoven designs, easy to style and pair with any décor, these pillows bring a touch of the Andes right to your home. Handwoven with non-toxic dyed, sheep wool, backed with 100% cotton, with button and button loop closures for easy laundering.

*Pillow Cover only, filler not included.

Dimensions: 18” x 18” 

Textile Tradition: In the Andes, women artisans use the backstrap loom for traditional woven textiles. It is a completely non-mechanised loom, the oldest form in the world. It is constructed with wood, bone and strings, easily portable and possible to be set up in the home or elsewhere. 

Artisans: Awamaki works with different cooperatives in the Patacancha and Kelkanka communities for woven textiles, it is based on a rotation system to ensure income and orders are equally distributed amongst the artisans. There are 3 cooperatives – Awac Phuna, Songuillay and Wakanquilla Kelkanca – with about 90 women artisans who partner with Awamaki to weave textiles.