Adoption Fundraiser Alert!

Today I'm SO excited to announce the launch of a new adoption fundraiser for a family that is close to my heart! ❤️ My friend Leslie is adopting from South Africa... and she just announced yesterday that they've been matched! So they need to raise funds quickly and I'm thrilled to help out!

Five years ago on my first trip to Africa, I visited the artisan group that makes these beautiful paper mache bowls in Cape Town. They are part of an amazing organization called Wola Nani that provides support for women and families living with HIV. So with the purchase of every bowl, you're not only helping to bring a child into a loving home, you're also supporting women who are working hard to purchase the medication they need to live strong and healthy lives! Win/win!

Just click here to place a pre-order (bowls will arrive from South Africa by June 1st!) and you even get to CHOOSE your own pattern! Yay!

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