Celebrating International Women's Day with Trade + Impact Association!

We are so excited to announce that Mango + Main is now a member of the Trade + Impact Association!

Trade + Impact is a collaborative global community with a focus on women-led social enterprises in Africa & the Middle East! We are honored to be a part of this organization that is breaking down barriers to trade and empowering women across the globe!

Last week on International Women's Day, we partnered with other association members to celebrate our women artisan partners across the globe!  Check out this wonderful blog post... you might recognize some familiar faces from Mango + Main and Umucyo Sewing Cooperative!


International Womens Day

We’re celebrating all of the strong, talented women that we have the privilege of working alongside in Rwanda, Haiti, and Peru! These ladies... oh how I wish you could see their faces when they share their stories! They WORK HARD to change the future for their children and they take so much pride in the fact that THEY can be one who brings home a paycheck! These women are literally changing their communities by sending the next generation to school, purchasing water filters for their homes, & paying for medical expenses. The men in their lives no longer look at them from a position of power... they are starting to look at them as EQUALS! It’s an amazing thing to see!!


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