Fall Fashion

As much as I love summer, fall is my favorite season for fashion! There's a lot going on this time of year, from football games to pumpkin patches. I absolutely love layeringespecially with Maryland’s ever-changing weather. These are my fall must-haves to be ready for whatever the season brings. 

This is the ideal dress for a Navy football game… It’s light and comfy, but easy to layer over if it’s chilly. And, what screams fall fab more than a short dress and high brown boots?! While any gold accent would be cute, I especially love the sailboat earrings, the ideal Navy game accessory!





Kimonos are a lot of fun when it comes to layering. Whether they’re long-sleeved and light, or like this short-sleeved, cozy kimono, they are PERFECT for fall in Maryland. They’re great for a casual look, and super easy to dress up.


I don't know about you, but for me, fall is flannel season! These dresses put a classy twist on my fall style.











Now, these next three things are my three favorite fall colors. First, maroon! I have maroon everything—leggings, dresses, shirts, shoes. It’s easy to match with denim or neutrals. We have this super comfy swing dress in two different prints. Personally, I'd like one of each...


Next, Army green! I know this Annapolis and we have a lot of Navy fans, but trust me on this. If you don’t have a dark green sweater already, I definitely recommend. Like maroon, this green if gorgeous with denim or neutrals. If you don’t want to go all out with this color, cuffs are always a nice touch!

My last color of the fall, NEUTRALS! I guess that’s more than one color… While I mentioned that the green and maroon looking stunning with browns, grays, blacks and whites, I can't forget to give them the spotlight. Fall is my favorite time for neutral boots, booties and bags! And if you’re tired of silver and gold, neutral jewelry is a great way to mix it up.


Okay, last one! Fall in Maryland is far from predictable; I don't travel without a hoodie or blanket! A big tote is the only way to get byーespecially if you’re constantly between outdoor events like me. Plus, they’re an easy way to add a fun pop of color to any outfit while you’re on the go.

The chilly weather is setting in fast, so make sure you’re ready with all of these fall necessities!

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