Haiti Travelogue

This past Summer I traveled to Haiti to visit my artisan friends who create all of Mango + Main's paper bead jewelry!  Ila Joi (means "the island rejoicing!" in French creole) is a group of women who gather together in Kenscoff, Haiti with the goal of providing an income for their families.  The group was formed by Chances for Children, a non-profit that works to strengthen families in Haiti through employment, education, medical care, feeding programs, and more!  This was my 3rd time traveling with this organization and I continue to be so impressed by the work that they're doing!

The first time I visited Ila Joi was 4 years ago as they were just getting started.  There's a noticeable change that's occurred in the past 4 years... the women were all smiles this time as they told me about how their children are going to school, their bellies are full, and they have hope for the future!

I worked with the women are some new designs and placed a huge order for the upcoming holidays!  I was also able to donate 2 paper cutters for their workshop thanks to your purchases this past year!

Follow along on my journey in Haiti through photos...

Thank you SO very much for purchasing paper bead jewelry from Mango + Main!  I can tell you without a doubt that it's making a huge difference in the lives of women in Haiti who rely on this work!

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