Top 10 Travel Essentials

Packing for an upcoming trip can be hard and quite honestly, no fun. However, Mango and Main is here to help offer a little guidance. This “Travel Essentials” guide is packed with 10 of our favorite fair trade products that are “must haves” for your future journey.

1. Elephant Travel Wallet: Small, cute, and fits into bags so that you don’t have to lug too much around.  


2. Alem Passport Wallet: Don’t let your passport age 20 years at the bottom of your backpack.   


3. Gold Print Leather Journal: Headed abroad? Moving away for a while? Don't forget to transcribe about your experience. It is something you never want to forget and a journal helps keep the memories alive.     


4. Jewelry Roll: Don’t get caught wearing the same jewelry the whole time. Bring along this cute and authentic Jewelry Roll to liven up every outfit.   


5. Hmong Batik Toiletry Bag: It’s adorable and provides the perfect amount of space for all your toiletry needs, you won’t have to leave any essentials behind. 

6. Carry All Tote: Perfect for all your carry-on needs. 

7. Cara Clutch: Perfect for a day out and about. Slip the band around your wrist and you’ll always have it by your side.  

8. Chakana Crossbody: For the sense of security and style. 

9. Laptop Sleeve: Bringing your laptop along for the journey? Don’t leave it exposed to the dangers of your bag-- protect it with this adorable, handsewn sleeve. 

10. Samay Camera Strap: Avoid the chances of dropping and/or leaving your camera somewhere. The Samay Camera strap is perfect for keeping those pictures safe and making sure you good while taking them. 

We hope we were able to offer you a bit of guidance and hope that you have the best travel experience imaginable. Make sure to buy some authentic, handcrafted products while away.  

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