Tassel Garland - Joyful

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Decorate your home with purpose all year long with sustainably made sisal Tassel Garlands. The versatility is endless – Hang them along a shelf, on a wall for a party, or simply string them along a window!

  • Tassel Garlands are crafted from natural sisal fibers.
  • The Joyful Tassel Garland features peach, gray, and teal tassels.
  • Tassel Garlands are approximately 5.5′ long with thirteen 4.5″ long tassels.
  • Tassel Garlands are handmade by the women of Abarikumwe, Abumurava, and Kanguka Cooperatives.
  • Care: Dust with a dry or damp cloth.

Fair trade, made in Rwanda

Tassel Garland  - Joyful
Tassel Garland  - Joyful